Peewee Longway – Lon Lon lyrics

Album: The Blue M&M 4

Cicero on the beat

I just bought a brand new handgun
Clip hold a 50, bitch came with a Cinnabon
I just got brain in a Bentley
Buy a bitch new titty
Pretty bitch named Lon Lon
These niggas turnin' to Twitter like they dead
Call a fuck nigga, run run
Nigga want murder? Done done
Nigga want a body? Done done
Name a lil' bitch we ain't done done
Richard Mille, color like crayons
Mike Amiri drip with the Vlone
Four pockets, fill it with the [?]
We get [?], nigga might die young
I get another bitch and let a bitch bygone (Bitch go)
Bygone, bitch, be bygone (Bitch go)
Name a lil' bitch I ain't done done
Eat a nigga plate on Ramadan
Fuck that lil' freak with pyjamas on
Play with the stick like a saxophone
Spray your body like Bakarat cologne
Fuck your bitch, I want bachelorette dome (Bitch)
GT 63 Benz, like the dome
GT 63, bigger than a dome
I'm in Fiji but fuckin' a bitch from Rome
She gon' gag on cock all night long
Bubblegum, purple runtz, get the pints goin'
Hit the plug [?] done done
In the trap, I'm Longway Guzman
She came in, she Suzy, choosy
I'ma tell a bitch to lie with my Trues on
Fuck a ladder, we get the Tom Cruise on
'Cause a [?] got caught with the cruise on
Brand new handgun came with the Cinnabon
Convicted felon and we still got a firearm
Body stankin', they smellin' like underarm
[?] and shot [?]
Double G's on a 12 gauge, Lil' Pump
My bitch came with the double C's on the pump
Stackin' blue, Velveeta big chunks
And your doorbell ringin', that's the reefer
And I paint a bitch face, Mona Lisa
And it cheaper to lean [?]
And my young nigga fill up on diesel (Rrrr)
Superchargin', they turn into demon
Got beam then make a bitch dream
Longway King, sell a bitch a dream
Bought that Audi, gave four hoes a wedding ring
Baby Birkin bag, fill it with cocaine
I know Z's is O's with triple beams
Put P's and bows on triple beams
It might freeze your nose, that Medellin
Nigga on go, they red and green
Nigga's don't freeze like Fred and all
Baguette baguette from [?]
Smoke that lil' bitch like a menthol
If I don't catch 'em like King Kong
Pimpin' these bitches, I'm [?]
Got Iggy, got Nicki, the bitch' daughter
I get the stick when I'm pissed off
[?] took pure licks off
Country boy shit, yeehaw, yeehaw
Numbers up and down like seesaw
Want a molly brick? Go and get the sea salt (Wrap it up)
I wear Dior skipper when the plug walk

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