Peewee Longway – OG Gas lyrics

Album: The Blue M&M

What do you mean?
Real motherfucking gas what I’m sellin’
I count out nothing but blue Benjamins
Longway, longway, blew out my ears, sound engineer

Real gas weed, On the Menu, what I’m selling
Overnight shipping, in the morning time, trapping (x2)
OG Gas, OG Gas, OG Gas
Real weed what I’m selling
OG Gas, OG Gas, OG Gas
OG Gas What you smelling

[Verse 1]
Whole lot of mother fuckin’ bad what I’m selling
Got the street going crazy off the OG High Performance
Contraband, 3, 4, skirts(skirt skirt) in the morning
Sipping on lean, y’all niggas still yawning
Gotcha boy, cashing out, nothing but blue hundreds
Givenchy skinny jean, trap boy Garment
Bricks of that Billie Jean, come make a hundred
Trap or Die, Nigga, mother fuck your honor
Car smelling like a pound of Marijuana
Stingray Guiseppe, mixed with iguana
Looking like a Young Rich Nigga do numbers
Still got fifty bricks stashed in my bumper
Grind Baby Williams, bitch I’m a stoner
Piped up, might see your bitch to move corners.(?)
I make all those bitches and send up back home
Leasing your bitch, that just for dome
Can’t smoke on my weed, roll your own
Million Dollar Gas Spot in the trenches
We trappin’ right next to the dome
Name a bud I ain’t sold, Wrap the Audi all gold
Turn up on all of you ho’s..
Good Gas, got it going for the low (Low-Low)


[Verse 2]
Real weed what I’m selling, trapping with nothing but felons
Thug Life, Makaveli, 6-0 Crip tatted across my belly
Slangin’ Famous Amos, Cookies from the Bay
Hunnid-band hangin’ out my pocket Longway
Mail-man truck, coming down the One-way
4,5, boxes droppin’ off with one skirt
Gas Bags, gotta Bentley em out like a vert
Playing with my money, your face on a shirt
Young niggas coming like Sosa, Sosa
Sitting on the sofa while I’m running through a milli
Rent man callin’ saying he smell through the vents.(Don’t Care.)
3 Gram doobie I’m choking yo’ bitch
Tokyo Diamonds on the Rollie so sick
Hammer-time when I’m in the kitchen whippin’ bricks
Gas, Marijuana, neighbors smell it
Who gives a shit call 12
Habitat Housing we turn in the trenches
I told that bitch, I been breakin’ bands on benches
OG is what I intentionally scribble, been fucking up bands on bales
Cavalli my body, I bet they remember me
MCin’ Moneyband, Mason Margiela !



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