Peewee Longway – Skit lyrics

Album: Longway Sinatra

[Verse: Peewee Longway and Cassius Jay]

Let me call this boy Peewee, get this joker up, we gotta' catch a flight
Yo, Peewee, wake up
I’m up, I'm up
Yo, Peewee, wake up right now, man, get yo' ass up, man, c’mon
Cass', I'm up, bro, I'm up
Yo, Peewee, I need you up right now, I need you up
I'm up, bro, I'm up, bro, I'm up, I'm up, I’m up, I’m up
Yo, yo, it's a quarter to six, Peewee, wake up, man, we got a 7:30 flight
Cass’, I'm up, bro, I'm up
Take down this information
Write it down, tell your girl to write it down, listen
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Flight 504
Five, uh, five
Leavin', uh, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta
Uh, Hartsfield-Jackson
Uh, to LAX
Oh, Cali?
No doubt, nigga, you know, we gotta get this paper, man, let’s go, get up, let's go
Let's get it, I'm up, I'm up, I'm up, Cass', I'm up, I'm up, let's get it
Seven o'clock, Peewee, let's go, alright

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