Sweeney Todd Soundtrack – Alms alms lyrics

Album: Sweeney Todd sound tracks

Alms alms, for a miserable woman.
On a miserable chilly mornin'
Old lady: (Spoken) thank ya sir, thank ya
Anthony(spoken) excuse me mum, do you know whose house this is?
Old lady: That' the great judge Turpin's house that is
Anthony: and the young lady that resides there?
Old lady: Oh that' Johanna, his pretty lil' ward, he keeps her snug he does. All locked up,
so don't you go trespassin'' there or there's a good whopping for ya
Like all the other young men with mischief on his mind

How would you like a lil' muff dear,
A lil' jig jig, a little bounce 'round the bush
would you like to push me parsley? it looks
To me dear like you got plenty there to push

Alms alms for a desperate woman.

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