The Music Man soundtrack – Rock Island lyrics

Album: The Music Man

1st salesman: Cash for the merchandise, cash for the button hooks
3rd salesman: Cash for the cotton goods, cash for the hard goods
1st Salesman: Cash for the fancy goods, cash for the soft goods
2nd salesman: cash for the noggins and the piggins and the frikins
3rd Salesman: Cash for the hogshead, cask and demijohn. Cash for the crackers and the pickles and the flypaper
4th Salesman: Look whatayatalk. whatayatalk, whatayatalk, whatayatalk, whatayatalk?
5th Salesman: Wheredyagitit?
4th Salesman: Whatayatalk?
1st Salesman: Ya can talk, ya can talk, ya can bicker ya can talk, ya can bicker, bicker, bicker ya can talk, ya can talk you can talk all you want, but is different than it was.
Charlie: No it ain't, no it ain't, but ya gotta know the territory.
Rail car: Shh shh shh shh shh shh shh
3rd Salesman: Why it's the Model T Ford made the trouble, made the people wanna go, wanna get, wanna get up and go seven, eight, nine, ten, twelve,fourteen, twent-two, twenty-three miles to the county seat
1st Salesman: Yes sir, yes sir
3rd Salesman: Who's gonna patronize a little bitty two by four kinda store anymore?
4th Salesman: Whaddaya talk, whaddaya talk.
5th Salesman: Where do you get it?
3rd Salesman: Gone, gone
Gone with the hogshead cask and demijohn, gone with the sugar barrel, pickle barrel, milk pan, gone with the tub and the pail and the fierce
2nd Salesman: Ever meet a fellow by the name of Hill?
1st Salesman: Hill?
Charlie: Hill?
3rd Salesman: Hill?
4th Salesman: Hill?
1st Newspaper Hill?
2nd Newspaper: Hill?
5th Salesman: Hill?
2nd Salesman: Hill?
All but Charlie and 2nd Salesman: NO!
4th Salesman: Never heard of any salesman Hill
2nd Salesman: Now he dosen't know the territory
1st Salesman: Dosen't know the territory?!?
3rd Salesman: Whats the fellows line?
2nd Salesman: Never worries bout his line
1st Salesman: Never worries bout his line?!?
2nd Salesman: Or a doggone thing. He's just a bang beat, bell ringing, Big haul, great go, neck or nothin, rip roarin', every time a bull's eye salesman. Thats Professor Harold Hill, Harold Hill
3rd Salesman: What's the fellows line?
5th Salesman: What's his line?
Charlie: He's a fake, and he doesn't know the territory!
4th Salesman: Look, whaddayatalk, whaddayatalk, whaddayatalk, whaddayatalk?
2nd Saleman: He's a music man
1st Salesman: He's a what?
3rd Salesman: He's a what?
2nd Salesman: He's a music man and he sells clarinets to the kids in the town with the big trombones and the rat-a-tat drums, big brass bass, big brass bass, and the piccolo, the piccolo with uniforms, too with a shiny gold braid on the coat and a big red stripe runnin
1st Salesman: Well, I don't know much about bands but I do know you can't make a living selling big trombones, no sir. Mandolin picks, perhaps and here and there a Jew's harp ...
2nd Salesman: No, the fellow sells bands, Boys bands. I don't know how he does it but he lives like a king and he dallies and he gathers and he plucks and shines and when the man dances, certainly boys, what else? The piper pays him! Yes sir ,yes sir, yes sir, yes sir, when the man dances, certainly boys, what else? The piper pays him! Yessssir, Yessssir
Charlie: But he doesn't know the territory!

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