UGK – 976-bun B lyrics

{*phone being dialed*}, {*rings*}

[Bun B]
Yeah, 976-Bun B
That new shit for ninety-two
All you niggaz peep this one
Check it out

Aiyyo, trill was the last one nigga, this time you better pull a gat
Cause the dick's hangin low, and it's still fat
But ain't shit whack so you better pull a quick guard
This shit is live enough to make your MOMMA'S dick hard
(C'mon!) Pick up ya phone and dial the 7 numbers that makes ya trip
for live shit comin from Bun B's lips
And I'm givin hoes the sensation of a big-ass nut
gushin out, be in tele-cum-munications
Nine-seven-six, two-eight-six-two
Courtesy of Bun B, straight to motherfuckin you
Yo, the nigga was trill, same shit, new place
(?) (?), then bust in your face
Yeah niggaz be trippin yo, but still in the meanwhile
Your girl keeps callin me on motherfuckin redial
Now you're swoll cause your bitch runs your bill up
You catch me at the mo-tee, Bun big bone a fill' up
She might be shit to you, cause dude give her pay G
But pussy get played out, and pussy comes daily
As long as your game be strong ain't no thang
My phone always rang cause of the dope shit I sang
Keepin hoes on my dick yo, and ain't no lettin go
The net keeps flyin out, the pussy stays wet so
I turn on my VCR then I put a flick in
The hoe starts lickin that dick and pretty soon
I'm stickin that ass, like a fool in the bed
All I can see, is the top and back of your head
It ain't about conversation or make that hit
On a first name basis hoe that ain't bout shit!
Look trick, tell me how many rubbers to pack
I hit the room from the front, the ass from the back
And yo it ain't about the phone call, this about the nut'n
So let me bust a fat load on your bellybutton
See, quiet storm done put a notch on your belt
And when it's over, I don't wanna hear how it felt
I'm just pullin off my rubber, takin a bath
Gettin dressed to reminisce of how I cut ya in half
It's all in the day of an Underground fool
So dial the digits and I'm divin in that ass like a pool
But when I get wet BITCH, I won't be drownin
I clown on hoes to leave their pussyhole frownin
Or if you bitches wanna hear some more of this
Lock your bedroom door trick, pick up your cordless
You can suck a mean dick, lick a good ball
And if I keep on fuckin, you'll keep on callin
And I'll be playin you, when you think you'll be playin me
It's just pussy games with some help from AT&T
So if you need a dick to be real friendly
Dial nine-seven-six, B-U-N-B, bitch!

{*phone being dialed*}, {*busy signal to fade*}

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