Urinetown soundtrack – Tell Her I Love Her lyrics

Album: Urinetown

Little Sally
Tell her I love her
Tell her I'll always be with her
And I will see her in a better place
Where hope is always new
Ours was a short time
Ours was a love that never bloomed
Yet in that love there lives
A brand new hope
It's calling out to you
Its call is soft and gentle
Tame and fine
It's docile and benign

A pickle in the brine
What did I say? That isn't what I meant
I've lost my sense of scent
I fear my life is spent

Bobby and Little Sally
No one is innocent

Little Sally
No one.

Soupy Sue
"No one is innocent"? What did he mean by that?

Little Sally
I don't know, he started fading in and out after awhile. It was a
miracle he was alive at all, the fall was so horrible.

Tiny Tom
Was he talking about me? How can he say I'm not innocent? Not innocent
of what?

Little Becky Two Shoes
Not innocent? Who the hell does he think he is?!?

Little Sally
Wait! Wait, please. There's more. He said:
Tell all the people
Tell them the time is always now
Tell them to fight for what they know is right

I've lost my sense of sight
And yet I see them
I see them standing hand in hand

Bobby and Little Sally
I see them standing hand in hand
and cheek to cheek and gland to gland
There still is hope, I see it, in this land

Little Sally
If only -


Bobby and Little Sally
If only -


Little Sally
And then he expired.

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