Wine-O – Pop My Trunk lyrics

(feat. Paul Wall)

Where Dem Hatas At
Where Dem Hatas At
Where Dem Hatas
Where Dem Hatas At
Where Dem Hatas At, man

Pop my trunk and pop my pop my
pop my trunk and,
pop my trunk and,
pop my trunk and pop my pop my
pop my trunk and dip dip dip

[verse 1:]
R.I.P to Fat Pat what u know about that we 4 deep in a 'lac and we all got gats just in case a fool trip man think he wanna jack leave ya laying sideways Wine-o we get that.Holla back was the funny whole world see me coming with some bad ass kid yeah my nose was running H-town 5th ward DFL my hood ima twist it up throw it up get it understood. Its all good everybody know my name deep glued in the game sometimes I ride plain sometimes I grip grain on 'em 84's elbow swanging put 'em on a hoo loop yo life still in danger. Im shining in my neck grits in my teeth 20 inch screens jammed in my seat im 25 fool if u beef so I can pop my trunk and dip dip dip

[chrous x2]

[Paul Wall:]
When u see me in the streets im the same player that u hearing on these beats Paul Wall just holla at me man. My paint dripping like my car had a leak sittin in my back seat it'll give u headache for weeks. When i pass sittin tall as a giraffe do the math while i get harrassed cuz im ridin on E-Class. I just laugh when I see a hata face make 'em eat dust leave 'em with a sour taste. U ridin on 17's so I guess u in last place cuz the rims Im ridin on come past my waist. When the trunk pop partner its a bypass, Im like a titty dancer cuz my car is topless. When u see me on that Antwon turning heads my paint was burnt orange now its turning red. Its Paul Wall ridin gutta on that South Le gutta its no other than ridin in no other.

[chorus x2]

Im the fitted right in the strap game go as ya gal she gon tell u the same thang she wanna touch my mike yall I heard she can really sang 4 15's in my trunk yea it really bang silly man. Im steady focus on the cause bad broads throwing draws sometimes I spit nice sometimes I spit raw. When I fall thro the club man they treat me like a star. When I dip thro the hood they say look at his car. I got a star on my styrofoam white cup when u hear me say "huh" gon thro it up. When I thro my parties bad broads they be showing up, hatas thoin' up cuz they know a nigga comin' up. Wine-O Im the talk of the streets Im blowin' up everybody hear my voice yea they can't get enough cuz Im rough in them cuff stacking paper like what cuz I pop my trunk and dip dip dip

[chorus x2]

(say dip dip dip till song fades off)

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