Without Face – I And I lyrics

Album: Deep Inside

Another night
Another fright
Another passion the words in my mind
The eyes becoming wild

Flesh and blood...bloody bones
At night outside
I can't control it
I have to let it go
I just keep an eye on
the demons from my mind
Coming out

I and I, I and I
Killer and victim
Another glance to the world
Through the demon's eye

Monsters of my dreams
The bloody brute
Waiting for the victim
in the dark corner
Delighted from hell
Another life
I stole it
The taste of your blood...
Dotting, fainting breath
The voice of heart's becoming silence
The killer instict is sated

I and I, I and I
Killer and victim...
Recovering Consciousness
Tormenting, paining
Because of the clear thoughts
Prickling conscience
Bloody in the mirror
My crying pouring into the night

I'm full of the hate for me

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