Wizard – Children Of The Night lyrics

Album: Goochan

Deep in the caves
Of hills and mountains
We are the string for blood
The first one on his throne
The conqueror of this world
Is our lord

He gave us the command
To kill them all
To take their ASP
To let them bleed

We are the children of the night
(yeah) we dance on the grave –
We are the children of the night
Of those who died

Every day another town
Every month another land
Hide and seek is the game
Lust and torture
Pleasure and pain
Is our aim, don’t be afraid.

5. Black Worms

Created by a bad character …
Something was born – it shouldn’t have.
Against nature, against all life.
Balthasar laughs and releases them.

Deep in the underground of time
Looking for vengeance and might
Violent flesh, demons of modern times.
No chance for a hereafter.

The metal of dominion is their aim.
To be found at the heart of the Earth.
The way is long, their power’s destructive.
Mother Earth begins to die.

Like maggots in rotten meat
They trawl the Earth.
There is no protection, no end in sight.
Balthasar’s triumph is near.

Creeping and Crawling
Collecting and digging
Wherever they roam
Time stands still
Nature cries
Mother Earth dies
The grave of us all.......

Black Worms
- Balthasar’s answer
Black Worms
- Stop them
Black Worms
- The fight for the rule
Black Worms
But nobody can win .....

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