Yak Gotti – No Hook lyrics

Album: Life Of A ManiYak

[Intro: Yak Gotti]
(Break the bank, bitch)
Break that bank
(Let's have a party, Project X)

[Verse 1: Yak Gotti]
Watch what you doing, boy you better not play with me
Walk on the beat like I'm singing my ABCs (Walk on the beat)
AK and SK or FN, they stay with me (AK and SK or FN, they stay with me)
Ride with the X and I air out his face funny
Took that boy off and now it's time to take a trip (Took that boy off)
Might go and play golf with one of my lady-friends (Ayy)
Get on the stage and get litty, I'm made for this (Yeah)
Yak want the kids, yeah I'm finna babysit (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Camaro is faster, get out and let's race with it (Camaro)
I pray for you
Get on that rap shit like, "Whеre is you taking me?"
Hot in that bitch and now I'm finna raise thе roof
Knew foenem stuck up, she high on some Daisy Dukes (Knew foenem stuck)
We don't discuss nothing then I'ma take it too (Ayy)
Feel like I made it, that mean that you made it too (Ayy)
You made it too
Uh, ah
Calm air to a clear port
Watching Gotti, I might catch a body
You watch me boot up like a SIM card (Boot up)
Bitch I don't with drugs like deposit
Like deposit, nigga I'm still going (Still going)
Throwing dirt on me, they hold they nuts on me
They rock-solid, but I'm a real one (Uh)
Real one, what it take to be a real one? (What it take?)
Real one (Real one), you is not a real one (You is not one)
Back out the planner, I'm back out the slammer (Uh)
Came a long way from eating TV dinners (Uh)
Screaming, "Free all my dawgs in the kennel" (Um)
And we be in with the watchdogs in kennels (And we be)
Uh, uh, uh
Let it breathe (Let it breathe)
Geeked like it's methamphetamine (Methamphet')
I so rich, big boy they scared of me (Scared)
Took that boy down most indefinitely (Took him down)
Get on the beat, I got recipes (Recipes)
Get on the beat, I got recipes (Hold on)
Leave with my alternate, left with me
I can't see none of you niggas pressing me
Need to tell your dead homies to rest in peace (Rest)
And I drip everyday, no out-dressing me (Ha)
Bitch I drip everyday, no out-dressing me (Drip everyday)
When I hit from the back she say, "Hercules" (Hit from the back)
And your nigga broke, he can come work for me (Come here)
(Lil' bitch)
Ain't no SlimFast, he had to get surgery
(Surgery, no SlimFast)
Finally make it, I found out my purposes
In the truck, that the one with the curtains in (Rolls)
It's two-five if you want you a verse from me (You know)
Send the front-ends, I send back with urgency (Come on)
Put in work, yeah I put in that work for this

[Verse 2: Lil Uzi Vert]
Uh, YSL, one-six and don't forget double-o (Slatt)
Double park Bugatti front of the corner store (Skrt)
Niggas they hating while I got this .44 (Ha)
We got opps from the age twenty to forty-four (What?)
Fuck from the back, make your bitch wanna belly roll (Fuck from the back)
Go to the hideout, the fuck need a tele for (Shh)
Stay in some beef like the mo'fucking deli, ho
He tryna fight, he a sissy like De La Hoya (What? Woo)
Paint that boy on the fence like his name Tom Sawyer (What?)
I always ball out of whips and a lot of lawyers (Bitch)
Why is these niggas lying on the Bible? (Yeah, Lil Uzi)
I can tell that boy trying to go viral (What?)
You want to go viral, these bullets'll spiral (You want to go viral)
Your bitch ate my daughter, this the first recital (Ate up my daughter)
This something I know, that these niggas too broke (Yeah)
Like nowadays I feel like I'm my own idol (I'm my own Idol)
Like I'm my own idol (I'm my own idol)
Yeah, I'm off a Perc', this not no molly (Yeah)
I trust nobody but Dora and Dolly
Niggas they dead, they said Uzi revived 'em (Slatt, slatt, yeah)
I said Louis my body, a lil' bit of Gucci (Louis my body)
I don't do Zanotti, I don't do Givenchy (Bah)
Never shop Neiman Marcus, met your bitch right at Saks (Woo, woo)
And I swear on my mom, never wore no Cavalli (Cavalli, uh)
Okay, pull up a 'Rari, I pull up a Audi
I worm in that bitch like Scotty 2 Hotty (2 Hotty)
Say I pour out that pint, got that lean in my body (Woo)
Had to double my cup 'cause it melt through the styrofoam (Yeah, yeah)
Okay, she a smart bitch so she giving a lot of dome (Ha)
Don't trust no fuck-niggas, don't fuck with no modded chrome (Not at all)
And it ain't shit to do, counting money right in my home (Yeah)
When this shit over, I'll probably go right to wrong (Brr, right to wrong)
Steeze on a bitch (Ha)
Won't even breathe on a bitch (Achoo)
Everything in me worth some money
Won't even pee on a bitch (At all, won't even pee on a bitch)
I'm a dawg, she a flea on this dick (I'm a dawg)
Make that bitch put a bee on this shit (Put a bee on this)
And my shoes double C on a bitch (Double C on a bitch)
Her tongue big like the one on my Ricks (Yeah, I'm off a Xan')

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