Young Thug – Haiti Slang lyrics

Album: I Came from Nothing 2

Okay, I'm reloading
I said I cheated on my fears
Broke up with my doubts
Got engaged with my faith
Now I'm marrying my dreams
How 'bout that
Okay, I am Thugger!
I, C, F, N, 2
Haitien fain tou
Live right now with my boy Swamp
Got to keep it in the hinood

Lil' Haiti slizang
Bitch I got gizame
Hoes know I'm fureal
Ain't got no deal
Lil' Haiti slizang
Bitch I got gizame
Hoes know I'm fureal
Ain't got no deal
Lil' Haiti slizang
Bitch I got gizame
Hoes know I'm fureal
Ain't got no deal

Pocket full of cizash, blowin' on Gizzas
Haters doin' easy, he don't want peasy
And the dank, buck, buck
Singin' Brown Rose shit, that stank
Put it in the backwood, it smell like fish tank
Then I got the motherfuckin' hundred on the dash
I upgraded to a nav
Gizzle, hoes know I'm bout that
They know I cock it
They know I don't stop that
If I get a dizzeal
I'ma still be trizzeal
I'ma still be rizzeal
Fuckin' nigga eazie
What it is izzeal
That ho izzo
I ain't got tizzime
To play with no bowl
No, I no bad
Everybody can't get it
I ain't from Summerhill
But I'm visitin'
One of my hizzoes over there right now
Damn, I gotta hit her right now
Ah, I'm a motherfuckin' busy
I got motherfuckin' flizzy
Gizame, I don't fuck everythin'
I ain't fuckin' insane
No fuckin' brizzane
I stay busy, 1,000 on a T-Shirt
1,000 on my boxers, 1,000 on these shirts
Guwap, right here with me
He got plenty, Buck got plenty
We got plenty, y'all fuckers envy
I am the MVP of this gizame
I know, your ho ready to gizzet it
If you don't gizzet it
You gotta stick wizzit
That’s that Haiti Salizang
Got Haiti big thank
Hoes know I'm put in this Monty Python easy
I spend cizzash
I gamble racks up
I got my racks up
Hoes can't catch up
Call a Aunt Mus up
We got lettuce on our mind
And we got fetty for the mind
Damn, I got motherfuckin' cold
This bitch been gone for like too fuckin' long
I'm tired of fuckin' rappin', I'ma go back trappin'
I'ma get it till the haters make the fuck niggas stand it
Burn with my Benz on and I get my cizzash
Hoes know I got one
Hoes know I got 14 for one sizzle
Oops, I mean 8-5
Hoes know how we ride
4-4s on my side
Tints all on my wheel
YK with me
Know they won't trizzle
Free the big blockade
Free the whole Y team
Free big broho, free Dulu though
Damn, I been gone for a minute
Now I can't stop until I'm finished
Ain't gon' stop until I'm finish
Like, I ain't gon' stop until it's finished
I can't stop 'em 'til it finished, like
And I smoke this weed by plenty, yeah
I just drank the purple syrup
Y'all nigga drinkin' red, what the fuck is y'all care?

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