Peter Wilson – Fire Alarm lyrics

Album: Fire Alarm


Sometimes you're frozen in your life
Sometimes your world is cold as ice
Shades of grey - frozen in blue
All of the years that just went by
Nobody made my heart ignite
Love on hold - till there was you

Now signals flash, now lights go on
Music plays in my soul
You struck a match, you showed me there's
All this smoldering smoke

Fire alarm in my heart - is waking
Waking me up with your spark - now there's this
Fire alarm going off inside me
Now there's no sign of the frost 'cause you melted the
Ice in my tears and put out any fears
We were worth all the time that it cost
It's all I can hear 'cause wherever you are
You're a fire alarm going off in my heart

I'm not the girl I was before
Now I'm a woman who found more
More to life - there in your eyes
I feel the heat each time we touch
I'm all aglow, it's such a rush
Bright red sun - deep in the night

I'm not the same, next to your flame
You opened a door
Now I can hear sounds loud and clear
Too good to ignore

(Repeat Chorus)

Climbing the ladder up - We found our
Castle of crystal love - We made our
Home in the sky above
To Take us away

(Repeat Chorus)

Written by Gordon Pogoda, Gloria Sklerov & David Chamberlin

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