Broken Heart – First Come, First Served! lyrics

first come, first served, i just thought itd never happen to me,
and when you said forever, what excalty did you mean?,
'cause im here confused, i could be wrong, but i thought it
was longer than now not being together, so darling, while your
laying there, under the one you left me for, think of my size,
and realize you lost in the

i cant lie, i never really cared, half as much as i pretended,
i know, your gonna say ya right, whatever, your just saying
because i left you, predictable....just like you being
on your back, seventy five percent of the time, like ive always
said you cant spell slut...with out the letter ironic so ironic..
your name starts with that....

i wish i could forget you, but now what would i have to write about?,
(nothing id be having one hell of a writers block...., thanks for breaking my heart)

im honest, so now how about many times did you go behind my back?,
never huh?, well to you in hell.....

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