Broken Heart – The Vampire Lullaby! lyrics

here i am, heart broke, i cant speak, about to choke, someone hand me the rope, i cant stand another day like this, so let me say, my farewells, and if this rope breaks, please come at me with steaks, aim straight for my heart, because im telling you this much, i am not a vampire, but my eyes have cried so much, theyve started to bleed, and the bloods been dripping in my mouth, for so long, im starting to like the taste,

maybe another sun rise, will burn me alive, sun burn, just melt me away, in this dark one window room, ill pull the blinds open, and you big bright star, do your worst to me, because i haven't seen you in almost thirty days, take me, break me, make me pay, for all my stupidity, girls and cars, so alike, no matter how much you pay on them, someday, they'll break down and leave you, corny yes, but fuck you all,

i'm so sick and tired, of this little thing inside my head,
i've tried to escape it, but these son of a bitching memorys,
come to me even while i am sleeping comfortably in my bed,
so now i ask myself, what is it that i have done so wrong?,
why am i so easy to upset?, how come you have to haunt me?,
i am a good boy, i tried to even change, but no, nothing works
for you,

God, why do you hate me?,
They all said you love me,
Even if i didnt believe?

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