Gucci Mane – Boogeyman lyrics

Album: Way Below Zero

Ghea, this the mixtape nigga
I got trap money nigga
I ain't even gotta rob if I want to nigga
I'm bustin' things out the wrap nigga
Every day nigga, crazy plays nigga
Ghea, y'all niggas know 'bout the kid
Y'all niggas know y'all scared of me
Nigga, you know I'm like the boogeyman
Y'all niggas scared, tuck ya chain in bitch
Gucci Mane La Flare, what's the muthafuckin' business
Ya pussy, scary-ass nigga, I don't never see y'all bitch ass niggas better watch yo' mouth nigga
Beat those drums
I'm the man 'round here, hundred grand in this bitch
Gucci Mane 'round here, understand over dig
Gucci Mane, I'm the man, thousand pounds of mid grade
Make a Friday outta goddamn Wednesday
Hundred grand, Gucci Mane, you my friend lend me
Mr. Floyd diamonds got me lookin' just like Diddy
Bart Simpson chain and its shittin' on the low
Wanna beat my chain, gotta spend a lil' mo'
Magic City blaze nigga, where you gonna go man?
Scared to see my face 'cause you know you just a ho man
Prayin' I won't slap yo' ass on the fuckin' low man
Magic City blaze platinum, ain't nowhere to go man
Couple niggas murdered but them niggas deserved it
Gucci Mane La Flare, man I'm hungry and I'm thirsty
Wearin nothin' but Baileys, Gucci sneakers, never jersey
Gucci Mane La Flare, I don't think them pussys heard me
I ain't need a hundred niggas to get myself on
I still got them units, nigga hit me on my phone
I ain't need Sean Carter, I mix wit' the water
Give that shit a turnaround and cup her in the Charger
Damn, got the bleach and washing powder
I got ten G's, he make ten dollars an hour
Want some cocaine but I served his ass some flour
I count ten G's, he make ten dollars an hour
Young Gucci Gucci, I'm the Gucci Mane
I got them kilos cookies, call me the cookie man
Damn I make it rain, make it hurricane
I make Katrina, I make it Katrina
Throwin' mothafuckin' hundred dollars like a frisbee
Smokin' on the drizzy, got yo' baby momma dizzy
Uh and yo' nigga just a worker
I brought you to yo' momma house, smellin' like purple

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