Gucci Mane – Gucci On the Rise lyrics

Album: Burrrprint (2) HD

[Verse 1]
I am bossin', proceed with caution cause I be flossin'
I didn't do that feature with you cause you not important
Major corporation, I am the most wanted person
[?] while you niggas getting extorted
I ride by fast put on the gas don't make me li-zate
These brizacks stashed in my jizeans look likes some thighpads
It's funny, just like a dummy without no eyelash
I have yo car, I fuck with hizoes, fuck with my kizad
Run up on me son, you'll run up on the wrong one
Keep a shooter with a gun to empty the whole drum
My niggas rushing at you like a cornerback blitz, bitch
Nigga that's what you get for talking all that shit, Gucci
Well, Gucci like to drank, Gucci like to smoke
Well Gucci on the rise while you niggas going broke, (3x)

Well Gucci Mane's a G, tell me something I don't know

[Verse 2]
Word to the wise, Gucci Mane's a wise guy
To all those who despise shoot you 25 times
My session yesterday recorded 25 lines
Haters fuck with other niggas shit but they don't fuck with mine
You a lie, low down, freakin' lie, that is not the truth
Boy you know I keep it trill and real in and out the booth
On that Goose and Cranberry Juice, droptop that Cranberry Coupe'
Gucci is alotta things but fasho' I'm not scared of you
Swaggerific, catastrophic, tell it damn that nigga gifted
But stop with all of that bullshitin', you know you ain't fucking with me
Deeper than just rappin', yo bitch diggin' me, she bought a shovel
Yo boyfriends the basement, I'm the roof we on two different levels


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