Gucci Mane – Little Friend lyrics

Album: The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted

[Intro: Gucci Mane]
Fuck it, I don't care
The appeal
When I fuckin' came to this fuckin' country
All I had was a dollar and a dream

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
We need more Rosé
My bitches gettin' thirsty
My words like New Years
Christmas came early
Got these bitches urling, my earring's perfect
My left pinky finger rollin' like George Gervin
My name ain't Ervin but call me Magic
Abra cadabra, top off the Phathom
458 Italia, first in the states
Out of town plates, just to make it look great
I need a haircut plus a carwash
I get out the car and they take their bra's off
See I fought the law and the fuckin' law won
Came back on appeal wanna new outcome
Overload your eardrums, hear it hear it come
Income income, go and get you sum
Say bye to the Bad guy
Wave bye to the Bad guy
Gucci Mane the bad guy
Yes, I am the Bad guy
Wave bye to the Bad guy
[Refrain: Gucci Mane]
I came to this country with a dollar and a dream
And a choppa and a team full of killas, what you mean
I'm a bad guy, bad guy from start til the end
Say hello to my little friend
I could've been a doctor, should've been a lawyer
I go to court so much I could've been my own employer
I'mma die a dope boy, always been a hustler
Started off custom now I say hello to my little friend
I got sixty racks layin' on the floor in Magic City
Like Samuel L Jackson I think it's time for killin'
I touched his wife titty and the nigga start trippin'
That ain't proper etiquette you see the bitch strippin'
AR-15 ripped his ass into pieces
Don't get it twisted think it's all about the pieces
And all about the bracelets
I'm still fighting cases
Ten thousand for the glasses
Diamonds in they faces
Your own blood taste it
We stomp you till you tasteless
My t-shirt ain't tailored
You read what is said, bitch
Brick squad bossman off with you head, bitch
Run for the exit
They shootin' inside here
Parking lot gun fight bodies outside here
Police best bet come with the riot gear
Soldiers down to die here
Move to America
Dollar and a dream and a donor picture, tear it up

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