Gucci Mane – Missing lyrics

Album: The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
Wife beater, yellow diamonds, lookin' pretty
Your chick took a look, now she hooked, shawty with it
Ferrari with the yellow forgiatos, Gucci tripping
I hit the button in my Scaglietti and get missing
Girlfriend missing, now you feel me?
458 paper tag it get missing, it get missing, it get missing
I hit the thrax pass it back, girl lets get missing

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
?? filled the wrong prescription, I'm lifted, I'm gifted
The hood can't get enough, they addicted
My pinky cost a 50 plus a 50
50 at 100, quarter ticket
She miss me she wish she didn't get so damn addicted
Afflicted she don't wanna be a statistic
First round pick, she a bad bitch, a bad bitch
Lookin' at me lookin' at her, damn she a draft pick
Elaborate, photographic, gots to have it
My Georgia dick'll have her havin' dreams of getting married
Riding through Zone Six Atlanta in a carriage
White house, with white girls and they dancing nasty
Redbones, two redbones and they tatted
Plug talking Spanish like Scarface and Manny
Ten birds, ten whole thangs in the pantry
Dress fit just right, she forgot the panties

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
You think that I'm a sweet lick, boy you trippin'
That's a dummy mission, end up missin'
Face on a milk carton do you feel me?
200 in the AR, bullets flippin'
I ain't gotta talk, say a word they just blitzin'
I ain't gotta rap, I got more racks than Neiman's
Stacks in my pocket, every one that's a meanin'
60 grand rubber band, that's how I'm livin'
I got too much True Religion like I'm Lenox
I'm stocked up, I need to send some denims on clearance
Gwapped up, get eighty an appearance
Hater, pretty lady, she can get it
We can get a bite to eat, lets get missing
My Ferrari's a sight to see, half a milli
Freshest nigga you done seen, in a minute
Party nightly every day I handle business


[Verse 3: ]
This is the life, fa la la la
I'm poppin bottles me and my entourage
Pull up in phantoms, 'raris, lambs and vettes
Forgiatos shine to D.U.B's and ??
Ain't no scary money, plenty money girl we rich
100 bottles, 50 deep tell your girls you with
They can kick it with some gangstas smokin bud and shit
They like boy you too damn icy for this club ya digg
They call me
I'm with my boy Gucci Mane, Brick Squad that is
All the girls think that I'm too cool for this club ya digg


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