Gucci Mane – Rick Ross Speaks / DJ Khaled Speaks lyrics

Album: Burrrprint (2) HD

[Rick Ross]
Yeah, what's up? It's the boss, Ricky Ross
I'm shoutin' out my motherfuckin' nigga Gucci Mane
This nigga's 4-3-2 in HD
Shout-out to So Icey, motherfucker's on anything music
Trap 'fore I'm done, free my nigga Gucci
[?], you already know that remix was amazing
Hold on, I got a motherfucker on the—

[DJ Khaled]
It's DJ Khaled AKA [?] AKA We the Best AKA DJ Khaled 305
404, what it do? Boosie, what it do? Waka Flocka, what it do?
You know what it is

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