Gucci Mane – Wouldn’t Believe lyrics

Album: Dinner

[Verse 1:]
When I came to the club
Hot like as a dob
Glowing lIke a lightning bug
They fight in here
Got scraps in here
So really it’s a frightening club
My grill look like it’s hit by lightning
I get that kid my distraction
I get rolly rollies
Two more rollies
You can’t put your brightening up
Your girlfriend choose the finest fuck
And she keep on enticing us
Them young niggas hold G’s
When they smarter
They are the ones advising us
Popping mollies
Rolling hard
Damn this shit is riding us
Little red riding hood riding with some
We riding bulls
Riding my hood
If you know you do it
Act like you do it
If you ain’t use to it
Then get use to it
I’m smoking grills and locking dust
And all day long I’m drinking mud
I keep a strap
You niggas caught on rush
Ya’ll fucking have my foot
It’s’ 10 o'clock
Get pistols up
You pussy niggas tell the judge

If I told you what my eyes seeing you wouldn’t believe
If you spent the day with me I bet you wouldn’t believe
Your hoe so freaky
When you leave she do shits you won’t see
I bet you wouldn’t believe
That hoe that you with is a freak
You won’t believe this shit
Man you won’t believe
You won’t believe this shit
I bet you won’t believe
If I told you every time you leave
She just a freak
You say that you so right
But everyday that she’s with me

[Verse 2]
You won’t believe that everyday she leaves she leaves with me
You won’t believe that everyday she leaves she leaves the key
I know her favourite food
She like eat Japanese
And Gucci like eat sushi
Bone appetit
And you ain’t gotta see the hood I bring the hood with me
And we don’t need no bodyguard
I keep the scrap with me
You gambling with them other guys
Stop the gambling
And ain’t nothing for you to see
So stop the raffling
And I don’t like the way you handling things
Stop the handling
And watch your mouth
And only you that you're embarrassing
I hate a bitch that put on makeup like a mannequin
I like a bitch that like a bitch I make her fantasy


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