Gucci Mane – Yo Gotti Speaks lyrics

Album: Burrrprint (2) HD

[Yo Gotti]
You know what it is, nigga
It's your motherfuckin' pyrex king chain in here
And these motherfuckers know my nigga on the way home, you know what I mean?
Gucci, do your thing, big dog, you'll be home shortly
Nigga, that's the Burrrprint (2) mixtape, HD, high definition
Keep flexin', Gucci, nigga, more winner smoke chain
More money, more niggas' bitches, you know how we doin', nigga
Cocaine everything
And you already know who I am, nigga, Memphis fish scale
It's your boy Yo Gotti, king of Memphis, nigga, know I keepin' two, huh?
Believe that

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