Haystak – Fucked Up lyrics

Album: The Natural

Man you need a ride?

Uhh, naw I'm good

Stepped out the club with triple vision
Couldn't fit my keys in the ignition
Swerving all over the road
Ah whatever her name is giving me throat
A head-on collision waiting to happen
Rapper dies in traffic accident

Yea right, I get like this every night
Most knights I'm so fucked up
I don't even remember leavin the club
Where my keys are
Where my drawers are
How'd I get home
Who these whores are
What happened
I must have been in the zone
Room start spinning
And then it was on
Popped a few oxycontins
Told my old lady don't ask why bitch

Fucked up tryin to escape the drama
Don't want to think about my pill or my baby's momma
I'm fucked up, ahhh, takin a breather
Don't want to think about my job, or no Monday either
I'm fucked up, seeing planets and stars
Weed, X pills and Xanax bars
I'm fucked up, uppers downers what ever you like
Everybody get high tonight

Purple swollen can't quit lickin my lips
Heart pounding, feels like it's gonna come through my ribs
Tracers of bitches as they pass by [hi, hi]
Get away bitch nothings up with us
Stop takin your fuckin up my buzz
Cant you see I'm my private place
Sweating like a motherfucker give me some space
[Stack are you okay?]
[I think he's dead, help]
Why don't you shut the fuck up
I was rollin like Michelins
Heard ya talkin I just wasn't listenin
Floatin in the ocean with a couple of fisherman
Fish for bitches bate hooks with Benjamin's
Now I'm back out here where it's all real
You owe me two more pills, so I can feel


Deep breaths, nice thoughts
Three, two, one - lift off
Ohhh, everything in the room
Melting, too many shrooms
Hold my breath, close my eyes
Then I start feeling all fuzzy inside
Last time i felt like this
I was on four or five picas fish?
[Ahhh, this is bliss]
Get away bitch, nah give me a kiss
Eat this [but I'm already on two]
It's just a little gift from me to you
She sat down, wouldn't stop blabbing
Fuckin up my high, god damn it
Would this bitch please shut her mouth?
Security put this bitch out


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