Haystak – Wish You Could See Me lyrics

Album: Car Fulla White Boys

I wish you could see me crying like a baby
Grieving not believing he's on a machine keeping him breathing
He aint leaving hell naw he's staying right here
Hoping Im dreaming caught up in a nightmare
Emergency technicians cut him out his clothes
So they could see tha bullet holes put tubes up his nose
I suppose I'm suppose to be strong but damn that
My boy was supposed ta live longer
I'm remminesn bout drinking brews and smoking blunts
Prayed for the first time in months
God I know you cannot allow this madness to go on for so long
But I think you proved you point were going to live right for now on
His momma helped to tell me his fight was incredible
But it's inevitable if he makes it he'd be a vegetable
Raised nurtured him too much love
Too sit and watch him hurt so him pulling tha plug
I walked in seen him laying there
Looked like he was sleeping lights was blinking machines wasn't beeping
It was just me my homie had flat lined
so I hugged him told him I loved him For tha last time

I wish you could see me
I wish you could see me
Wish you could see me
I wish you could see me

Cruel intentions complicating doom
Pulling for my partner in tha operating room
Sewed him up put him in I.C.U.
The doctor told his family thieve done all they can do
We had high hopes just knowing he'd pull through
But he got this look on his face like he just knew
He might not be able to come back
I said squeeze my hand if you feel me he didn't react
So that's one more homie that we lost to the late night
[Rain Starting]
Kill tha head light pull up at tha grave sight
We were there twenty minutes seemed like forever it lasted
His brother broke down his moms collapsed on tha casket
See tha caretaker throw the first shovel of dirt
I cant begin to describe how much that hurt
I can begin to describe I aint going pretend
I can't begin to describe that


In this game I don't lost some money but I can make my N's back
I done lost some homies but ill never get my friends back
Thick and thin we thought it wouldn't end
But we were wrong son life does not go on
Alone he died, He's strong I tried
But even grown men cry sometime no sunshine
Just gray skies tear filled eyes sad goodbyes
Visualize my homies ride, [?] before he died he said
Be patient it'll happen god aint calling you to balling
Stak you is meant for rapping be in shape
For your life to end you wound up in the Penn
For a mistake missed your big break
So now Im trying not to die myself
Choose my goals go for the gold and apply myself
I felt pain for henrys; I stained middle ones hurt worst
I see us putting you in the hearse
The redwood casket all gold trim
Three piece pin strip gators and brim
I can here him saying straighten up, you got music to tend to
Tell the country how we made good all that bad we been through


I wish you I just wish you
Could just see me man I just miss you
And I just wish you could be with me cause
I miss you and words can't describe the pain
That I have felt since you have been gone
Since you've been gone long, long, long, gone
Ohhh I wish you could see me

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