Hezekiah Walker – He's On Your Side lyrics

Album: Family Affair II

Man's Verse:

Troubles come and Troubles go,
Long Nights repacing the floor,
When shall these problems ever end, Where can i just find a friend,
For jesus christ will abide, H
e's On Your Side

Woman's Verse:

Sometimes dark clouds fill my sky,
and people always know why, That's when i hear down in my heart, Jesus my lord won't depart,
For he has always been my guide,
He's on your side


He's on your side,
He will be with you in trouble,
All your prayers he will not deny,
He will hear your faintest cry,
He's on your side x3

Love stays
It will never go away
He'll stay
Nobody but Jesus
Ooooooohhhhhh x6

He's On Your Side x4

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