Karen Carpenter – Making Love In The Afternoon lyrics

Album: Karen Carpenter

Makin' love in the afternoon
Makin' love to another Beatle tune
And I know you're feelin' the same way too

All alone on a sunny day
On our own and we had to get away
And I know that I couldn't live without you
Don't ever leave me alone
Baby without you, I'd never make it alone

Makin' love on a sunny day
Makin' love in a very special way
And I hope you're feelin' the way I do
When you're here, when you're next to me,
When you're near its the only place to be
Cause I know that I couldn't live without you
Dont ever leave me alone
Livin'without you, I couldn't make it alone

Why wait for tomorrow?
Tomorrow may never come
Why wait for the evening shadows?
Something behind me, will always remind me
To wait for the morning
Knowing you'll be here soon
And then we can be together
In the afternoon

Makin' love (Makin'love)
Makin' love in the afternoon

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