Kodak Black – About You Without You lyrics

Album: Project Baby 2: All Grown Up

Kodak Black, Kill Bill
Yeah I kill for the bill, steal for that bill
It get real for the bill, yeah

I was riding for these niggas 'fore they rode for they selves
Cause they know I'm that lil zoe who can go and I don't care
Ain't recording no more songs in the year
My nigga died and I ain't even shed a tear
My nigga died to tell you the truth I ain't even care
I got some shit to say so call the engineer
You niggas be saying anything, you feel my pain through your ear
I don't wanna hear that beat if I can't speak on how I feel
My trigger finger itching got me busting in my crib
Trigger finger itching got me busting hoes in my crib
Trigger finger itching got me busting in my crib
Trigger finger itching got me busting hoes in my crib
I was a ghetto child, wanted to be down with my peers
What I'm rapping about the streets would vouch for me for real
I'm wild but I ain't doing no more wildin' gotta chill
Sorry I already made my mind up for real
Lowkey I be vibin' cause my family need me here
But god I gotta keep the fire on conceal
Yeah but I'm wiser now but I ain't drinking beer
Ain't running in Verizon nigga I was just a kid
My mama she accepted what it is
But I know my mama hate the way I live
But everyday we thankful for this shit
Say mama we gotta be thankful for this shit
Know I'm the reason for all the pain I make you sip
Why the hell you ain't wash your fingers with me yet
Nigga when I was a baby I was a man
Then I probably would have went crazy if I was him
Okay I ain't gonna keep talking about my mama
Everybody round me got a body or they wanna
Everybody round me caught a body or they gonna
Nigga would you rather go in or you go under
I was riding for these niggas before they rode for they selves
Plus they know that lil zoe he gone go and he don't care
You can't tell me nothing, I'm clutching on Glock 27
You can't walk up on me I don't want you standing in my square
Ain't paranoid nigga I'm sensitive about my square
My dog be smoking Black & Mild told my niggas that's lame as hell
You smoking Black & Milds smoking square
That shit for squares
Niggas ain't even riding for they self
Nigga I'm finna slide in by myself
Ain't gone tell you how I do it cause I'ma do it by myself
When I'm in my death bed gotta be snoozing by myself
When I lost nigga I was losing by myself
So damn right I'm in my new whip and I'm cruising by myself
Y'all don't love this beat stop this music man I swear
You don't stop this music I'm gone keep killing it I swear
And I'm saying anything that comes to my brain cells
Feed my niggas locked up in the main jail
Fighting cases nigga facing PBL
Eating PB and J everyday waiting on some mail
I'm freestyling when I'm vibing so don't stop me I don't care
My nigga tried to send me a kite I swear to god he got his mail
First forty-eight my nigga told on himself
At school telling everybody the news before they rang the bell
Hey let me just stop right here you namsayin', my nigga told me I got the game in a headlock and shit right now, so let me let it go before they suffocate to death. I'ma let the beat breath a little bit, goddamn I ain't give that bitch no room, no space, no air

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