Kodak Black – Black Hole lyrics

Album: Before The Album

Shoutout to YodaYae
Just pay the guy

[Verse 1: Kodak Black]
I never had a job, I put the Drac' to work
Only way you'll kill me is if you sell me a fake perc'
Sliding through Lake Worth, bendin' and politickin'
Trying to stay out the hood, but I love me some Broward bitches
Skeletons in my closet, gunpowder in my dreads
Back and forth with the dead, that's how I got to play it
And I got heavy motion, geekin', and pistol totin'
I just be kutthroatin', pussy getting bust open

[Verse 2: SNAPKATT]
Her prolly just over with (Yeah)
Finna get it over with (Oh man)
I'm totin' the .36
I mean that bitch, holy shit (Holy shit)
Nightmare on vulture shit, sorry momma you ain't raise a bitch (No you didn't)
I'm drinking Heiyina blood (Ooh)
Bitch I lost all my trust (Ooh)
Scrub a man
Boy I love it now get off the chain
Blackhole, this kutthroat business, I know whats, loyal man (I know)
I got this shit, 'cause I feel quivers, something ain't fuckin' right (Ain't right)
Too many snakes in the daylight, so I move at night (At night)
All these stat wounds ain't heal, I'm still ready to kill
Then Yak took me in (Yeah), say he know how it feels (Bra)
So 'bout that nigga I stand no business, only need to deal
For Sykobob I run drills, he put me in the field (Big bra)
[Verse 3: Kodak Black]
Ayy, niggas know what's up, heavy smoke, horse breath
Soon as we get the drop, we right at your doorstep
Yeah, that murder for the low, everybody know I deal in death
I be higher than a crow, everybody know I'm smoking meth
The Bentley bendin' through the Dell, on missions, bendin' by myself
I went and got too many M's, I can't be hitting bitches bare
I don't need a scale, if shit don't add up, I can tell
Me and Syk' niggas for life, until I die, it's NFL, yeah
Ain't no way a nigga play that's really rare
I've been scopin' for a week for ADT, I'ma get in there
Pussy nigga what? You say it's up? Then get me there
I do my dog, top shotta, big revolver catch the shell

[Verse 4: Syko Bob]
I been spinnin' for a minute
I think my brain gettin' dizzy
My gun got big girl titties
I nutted on some else titties
We got bodies on bodies
Couple cities in Broward don't like me
I wack her with a .45
I like to fight fo' wackin'
I got off with a handgun
Lil' buddy ran in love with his gun
Got so much dirt on my boot
I got bloodstains on my tooth
I got bloodstains on my shin
I'm with Lil' Wayne, I spin the Benz
Kutthroat I don't need no mo' friends
Kutthroat I kill who I kill
Jumped out, I'm the only one with answers
But instead, Sache went to runnin'
Dirty guns and clothes in my closet
Fuck nigga done came out the closet
Aha, sorry mom
They started it

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