Kodak Black – Conscience lyrics

Album: Painting Pictures

[Intro: Kodak Black]
Yeah, Project Baby
These streets took my conscience
Sniper Gang
These streets took my conscience

[Verse 1: Kodak Black]
Yeah, everybody with me on that same thang
I don't gang-bang but I bang bang
I pull up to the club, I got on eight chains
Took that bitch to Wings-N-Things, she wanted to be my main

[Verse 2: Future]
Brown liquor made my dawg insane
Booted up or geeked, it's the same thang
Fish scale or molly, it's the same name
Murder by the stains, which gang you claim?
The big Patek face cost ten chains
Took your bitch out to eat on a private plane
Real talk, 150 when it's plain Jane
Fucked that junkie behind the dumpster for some cocaine

[Verse 3: Kodak Black]
Ayy, free my nigga Cool, he in the chain gang
Chris Johnson, I swear for God I drop the twenty-eight
I told my nigga be smooth (cool), he put a potato on a barrel
I kicked her dumbass out my crib, say she want Chanel
I bought that bitch a lace 'cause she ain't got no hair
I sent that poor ass hoe a Uber 'cause she ain't got no wheels
Thirty golds in my mouth like I'm Stephen Curry
Thirty clip in my Glock 'cause I'm a damn Warrior
[Verse 4: Future]
Streets left me scarred, ain't no worries
Run my money up in a hurry
Thirteen strippers, James Harden
Money make you greedy when you starving
Monisha, Tamica, they vouching
Before I had anything, I was saucy
Before I had that Bentley truck, I was saucy
All these hitters, yeah, I pray you never cross them

[Verse 5: Kodak Black]
She say she pregnant, I swear I think I wanna off her
Eighteen hunded, I got more stories than a author
I'm credit card swipin' at the Chase Bank (ey)
Me and Future gang gang, same thang
I check your temperature, nigga, is you hot or cold?
Like a state trooper, I make my money on the road
I remember hittin' houses, nigga, cash 4 gold
These streets made me lose my conscience, took a nigga soul

[Verse 6: Future]
These streets took all my soul from me
Tried to leave me in the cold
These streets took my conscience from me
Now tough love is all I show
I know my niggas got love for me
And they filling up they nose
I know my lil bitch got love for me
She just want everybody to know
[Verse 7: Kodak Black]
I know my niggas, they be missin' me
So I be posted on the stroll
I don't even care about how much cash I see
I'm always gon' be in the 'No
I ran out of money, then they switch lanes
I ran it back up, then I switch lanes
In a brand new Range, diamond colored candy cane
I bought a brand new K, I can't wait to let it spray
I'm sorry mom ain't mean to bring you through so much pain
I said I'm sorry mom, I ain't mean for it to be this way
Ayy but fuck it, bitch, I'm here, I got diamond rings
All the finer things, designer jeans, I'm gettin' paid

[Outro: Kodak Black]
These streets took my conscience
All the finer things, designer jeans, I'm getting paid
These streets took my conscience
All the finer things, designer jeans, I'm getting paid
All the finer things, designer jeans, I'm getting paid
All the finer things, designer jeans, I'm getting paid

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