Kodak Black – Corrupted lyrics

Album: Heart Break Kodak (HBK)

Yes, yes I'm your blessing, ma
Mama, I know
Sometimes I act crazy but I'm still your baby
The projects made me like this, you can't blame me

Mama I'm still your baby but the streets corrupt me
I'm sorry I fell in love with guns, I fell in love with thuggin'
I'm clutchin', I keep that Colt .45 everyday like Tony Dungy
I shoulda just listened to what you said but I don't really like instructions
I don't be wantin' to hear nothing
'Cause I was lookin' up to my cousin
They was in and out of jail, that was all I seen
So I knew what I wanted to be as a youngin'
Mama said she hate my stubbornness
Why I gotta be so grumpy
When it comes to anger don't rush it
You gon' end up in a dungeon
I hate my attitude but I love him
'Cause I don't really be with that fuck shit
Mama I'm fried, I be just tryna vibe
I ain't really trying to get impulsive
Sittin' back sippin' on Hennessey
Niggas tryna drain out my energy
Ain't no bad vibe in these premises
I can feel the vibe you envy me
Tryna stay level-headed keep my head straight
But the devil he don't want to see me go the better way
Deep in my heart lookin' for the love I had
My heart was gold but these dirty streets turned it black
I was a good lil' nigga life turned me bad
Can't show sympathy, I might get whacked
On probation but I know I got to stay strapped
Went on a lick geek, I forgot my face mask
Went on a lick geek, turn up on a nigga ass
When they let me out VA, I had 30 stash
Poppin' fraud 'cause this rap shit wasn't bringin' cash
Always takin' care of my mama 'cause she all I had
You would think a boy roller bladin'
How I skated so much ramifications
I coulda got draft to the Patriots
NFL, run up on me get deflated
Drop some but I caught a lot of cases
On route, goin' up top on a safety
I pray to Yahweh could you save me?
Lately, I been goin' back crazy
Maybe if you be my lady
I might stop all this ragin'
Baby could you be my lady?
I just been sittin' here thinkin'
Wonder if you could be my lady
I be goin' through some phases
I don't want to know new faces
Everybody 'round me changin'
I was just talkin' about this to my partna them
I just gave a pussy-ass ho a compliment
Thought she was a thousand, I just start to like the bit
Nine dollar bill that ain't real she counterfeit
My nigga I was so close of wifin' it
I ain't brought it in, she's triflin'
All along she was just a bodit bitch
She a slimy bit, she a grimey bitch
She conniving, she a sloppy bitch
Don't go out like that, she a nat
Fall back Black she a nat
Don't go out like that she a nat

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