Kodak Black – In Too Deep lyrics

Album: Institution

[Intro: Kodak Black]
Project baby, I might need some fuckin' Similac
Due to some violent content, parental discretion is advised

I'm in too deep, your boy deeper than a rap
Imma just let my soul bleed on the track
Check your resume, and you ain't livin' like that
You the main reason why your dog got whacked
I'm only for the cheese, you a freeze, you a rat
You the main reason why your dog got trapped
Before I ever chase her, I'd rather chase the yak
Street nigga after paper, I ain't playin', Imma snap
Livin' in denial, juvenile back to back
Hit your house, throw all the gold in a pillow sack
Nigga take your chances, whole lives, shootin' craps
We just hit a lick for ten bands, it's a wrap
I'm a section 8, Taliban with the strap
Molly Santan, beach sand in my cap
Yeah I could pass the weed, but I ain't pass the FCAT
And probably playin' sleep, cuz I ain't tryna text back
They found the contraband in my mat
I had to sneak a pen in my cell to write a rap
I'm extortin' niggas, want dinner and snack
Told em' I'ma split em' if I see em' eat that
I'm vibin' in the booth, I just kick my feet back
She ride me in the coupe, had to push my seat back
I watched my dog shape back, just to relapse
I'm blowin' on OG, you smokin' green crack
I just got a slow leak in my tree wrap
That head got me lockin' up, call her beeswax
Better keep your Smith and Wesson, you might need that
357, E told me "keep that"
Keep your boy well protected like a kneecap
Knock, knock, bang, bang, where the cheese at?
Glock pop, bang, bang, where your keys at?
Don't you say a damn thing, and I mean that
Ran 'cross the power after Cool got snatched
I was on the I, when the coupe caught a flat
That's the same night when SuWu shot Black
I wasn't even there to tell you if we shot back

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