Kodak Black – No Feelings lyrics

Album: Heart Break Kodak (HBK)

Yeah I said so, so who drove him?
That shit crazy, man
Who drove him to the hospital?
Cause I'm in here trying to make a love song and shit
Like I get this bad news

I just got the call before I heard the beat
They just shot my dog like why it had to be
But it ain't getting to me, cause nothing can't get to me
Cause that's what the streets owe us, the world gon' keep going
I'm really disappointed but a nigga gone keep focused
It's like he already told me, it's like he had a warning
But it come anyway, even if that heater on him
Ain't gotta creep up on him cause I gotta feed the soldiers
I don't know when I'm finna reap what I sow
So baby show me all your love before I go
This wasn't supposed to be no thug song bae
This was 'posed to be our love song bae
Got me thinking bout getting my gun and going bae
Got me thinking about putting my gloves on wait
I be getting in that pussy without no glove on, wait
I'm raw dogging now I will never go stray
I got a lot to say but I don't know where to start
I might break off from a nigga but I won't break your heart
At least not on purpose, now you can't even hurt me
I done took so much pain, now I just endure it
I don't even need a perky, this shit isn't gon' even be working
Two extendos let one go pop in another 30
I done fucked up and got into deep thuggin
You the one, the one that made me feel something
My intention was to get in the booth and start singing
But once I walked inside the booth my phone started ringing
Ain't answer cause I'm trying to vibe and talk to my lady
Lemme put you on hold real quick, man you niggas talking crazy
Like why you calling me? I'm trying to do RnB
But now I gotta mix it up, I'm holding two conversations
Don't you know this album's 'posed to be for all the cuties
Now you calling me, got me in here talking 'bout a shooting
Fuck it leave him clueless, I don't like to express myself
Fuck it he ain't do it and I know that very well
Yeah, once I got a call I got the beat too
I couldn't finish the song and I couldn't go to sleep too
Went home my brother told me something else, they creep too
That shit deep too, threw me for a loop
I done got exposed to the life way too young
I ain't paralyzed but the street done turned me numb
Like nothing gon' even move me, but baby you make me run
I'm talking murder music, and make you fall in love
I'm heartless but I save you a piece
Hold up bae don't hang up got somebody calling me

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