Kodak Black – Now Time lyrics

Album: Project Baby 2: All Grown Up

Ayy, this beat here sound weird as fuck
But you know once you start having fun with it, you done with it
Pop stick 'em top

Told my mama 'bout night I popped a top
I don't even want the wap, baby I just want the fetty
My lil niggas ready
He did it 'cause I said it
He so childish, he'll catch a body for some credit
Young nigga 17
Shoot you like J.J. Redick
He just young and dumb
He don't know where he headed
Polo to the socks
Popping up out the drop
Don't get in the water, nigga we'll crack your melon

[Verse 1]
Everybody around me felons
Run up on me, it's a dead end
Why am I doing all this sinning
I'm getting tired of repenting
I seen too much too early
I'm getin too much too early
I'm riding around with two 30's
Got 16 riding around 30's
Me and Lil Soto mad thugging
We started off as crash dummies
Now I be itching to wack something
Now I be itching to bag something
Ima get more time if, I murder the hype
I'm staying all nighter, I'm riding with the Bible
I'm laying on the pay right now, but I ain't talking to the Messiah
Mama he just text me though, and I ain't tryna let it go
So I'm just trynna let you know, before I go and wet him though
So you can pray over me, so you can pray over me
Black Mustang sliding in a rental
Black Mustang riding on a nigga
Acting like you official
But I know you niggas be bitter
You a rat, you Master Splinter
Grew up like a caterpillar
Flew up went past you niggas
You ain't even on my chapter nigga
No time to grab your fauto
I'm spraying fully auto
Pulling up Murcielago
And I'm firing up this gelato
I'll going back to hitting licks
'Cause it boost up my adrenaline
My nigga just twinning with twenty
But he coming back and peeling it
Free all my Z's in the chain gang
We don't gang bang but we bang gang
Everybody with me on the same thing
Yea, you can call it synonym
I ain't got to write no text message
If you try me I'm sending them
I ain't got to write no threat message
If you try me, I'm sending them
Lil nigga he a fool
He done dropped out of school
He just want to ride with the tool
I remember I was you
I can't tell you what to do
'Cause you gonna do what you want to do
You wanna know how it feels, to give a fuck nigga the blues
You wanna be Sniper Gang too
You wanna be down with the crew
I know you just wanna be cool
I had to ride with you too
I told you go hit that dude
How you know you hit that fool
You said you heard about it in school
I had to slide with you too
Everybody with me on voodoo
Ima drop a nigga like doodoo
Mama I'm going cuckoo
I done lost all my noodles
I done lost all my marbles
I just want to go full throttle
I wanna marry Reginae Carter
Would you give me a daughter?
I'm on that Effen vodka
What's your effing problem
We'll come see about you
And we ain't gonna tweet about you
Me and JD the mobsters
Shotgun Pete behind us
My whole team got yoppers
Infrared beam on your noggin
Nigga we Z's, we zombies
Nigga we Z's, we monsters
Nigga do you need a stylist
'Cause we'll come pop your collar
Got flame like Waka Flocka
You outchea smoking flakka
Im out here getting guala
Everyday we eating lobster
Nigga we ain't even starving
I be having dreams about robbing
Nigga, I be fiendin' about it
I dont even need no A&R
I was 15 with a AR

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