Kodak Black – Versatile 2 lyrics

Album: Project Baby 2: All Grown Up

Yeah, you had to, you gotta back me up like one more time
Like I was just feelin' that too much, I was too hype
You know what I mean, like niggas knew we went out
Like I was lyin', I got blood in my eyes I can't see
I'm blind
(Blood in my eyes)

Fuck that shit, I'm tired of you niggas
I can't fake a vibe with you niggas
I see it in your faces in your eyes why you bitter?
God I hate the way I liked you niggas
You can't relate 'cause y'all some slimy lil' niggas
I knew I'm wastin' time with you niggas
I had the view, but I'll play blind with you niggas
And I'm so true, I had to cut ties with you niggas
Ooh, I feel like slidin' on you niggas
In my studio, session time a lil' quicker
You want it ,and it come down to it I'll kill ya
The only person I respect is my sister
LOL, I ain't got no sister
That's so funny that shit so funny I ain't got no sister
Violatin', risked my life for you niggas
Before probation I risked my life for you niggas
We done been in situations and you bitched up
Nigga, I done even saved my big bruh
Nigga, I done even saved my big cuz'
Get my own , nigga i need no more liquor
Oh my God, just had tunnel vision
Got blood in my eyes, I feel like killin'
I just feel like shootin' for no reason
I'm smart but I feel like gettin' stupid for no reason
People say, "you talented, you lyrical"
Like I'm jugglin', I'm balancin' this shit, bruh
Sometimes I just wanna hit a nigga shit up
When I think about the shit a nigga did when I was six, bruh
I just called you seven times you ain't pick up
I know you saw me, nigga, you just posted a picture
I have one problem I ain't runnin' with you niggas
Bladder problem, can't find nothin' in my system
You can't even find drugs in my system
I took a dump and flushed the love out my system
Suck your teeth and roll your eyes at me, nigga
I'mma act like I ain't see 'cause you my nigga
This the last time I'm showin' my teeth to you niggas
I can't even speak to you niggas
'Cause you won't look me in my eyes in the center
So I had to put it on a beat for you niggas
Then I'm gon' play it on repeat for you niggas
I just put it on an instrumental
You know this ain't no subliminal
You know I'm a real criminal
I ride for you niggas
I done risked my life for you niggas
I ain't even surprised of you niggas
Wake him up with a big old fife to his temple
I done seen blood, that ain't shit
I done seen a puddle of that shit
I done been through way so much shit
I was way too young for that shit
Ya'll prolly think I'm done on this shit?
'Cause I was way too young for this shit
I fell in love with guns as a jit
So guess what I wanted to bust in this shit
It fucked my head up, It fucked my mental
It fucked my intellect, it fucked my head up
Got me walkin' around here like I'm invincible
Got me walkin' around here with a pistol
In the radio station, but I got a pistol
And I'm out in class with a pistol
If a nigga laugh I get pissed off
I'm so fucked up, nigga, laugh, I be pissed off
Dr. Mason said, he ain't seen me in a while
I'm Haitian, so nigga, I beat that trial
Nigga, I been a star, lil' nigga jackin' cars
Nigga, I've been on TV hit the news as a child
I hate sellin' drugs shit ain't fun
Bout to run down on a nigga with the gun
Don't let these rappers fool you they be lyin'
Nigga, it ain't cool to catch no body
If you ain't grippin' poles and swangin' doors, don't be spittin' bout it
I almost said "Fuck this rap shit!", fell in love with violence, ooh
Its a thrill like a pill gettin' high and vibin'
Cut through your neck like it's a violin, ooh
Keep this beat there right, damn why you stopped it? Ooh
I'm freestylin', oof, I just feel it in my body, yeah
I ain't right, I don't give a fuck if I'm rhymin'
Bring the beat back in run the beat back in
Damn, I'm slidin', I'm versatilin'
(One day you gon die, boy, one day you gon die, bitch)
When it really come from your heart, nigga, you ain't even gotta write it
All my life I've been solid
I'm conditioned, I'm authentic , nigga, I'm solid
Don't be 'round me if you ain't ready to catch no body
They tried to come ask me about that body, nigga, I stayed silent
(Man this shit stoppin', bring that beat back in let me slide it)
And I was facin' charges, I ain't know nothin' 'bout it
Aye, niggas, aye , about you niggas
Aye, engineer, you got all that? you got all this , make sure you get all this
Keep the 'K, I'm slangin' K 'cause I got knowledge
Trust me, you don't know me no more, you don't know where my mind is
You just wanna pop all of my molly
You just wanna fuck all of these thotties
You just wanna fuck all of these strippers
You just wanna eat up all my jiggas
I already know of all you niggas
You ain't finna run down with that pistol
I'm the one who got a career
But I'll keep that pistol on my rear
And the pistol on my hip, yeah and I'll let it rip
I'll let it spit, yeah as I'm doin' now
Lay a nigga down, yeah why I'm doin' that?
Is you stupid Black? Yeah, I'm stupid, Jack
Yeah I do this music crap , I don't care about music rep
When it come to disrespect? I'ma let that toolie clap
Trust me, nigga, I already know how I'm livin'
I already know about animosity
I done been in jail, I done been out here I done been, somewhere else
Yeah, I done been in hell
Nigga, I already know about resentment
Nigga, I already know about envy
Yeah, ratchet, ooh, I'll whack a fool in an instant
Bad dude like I'm snaggletooth, quick to go to spittin' before I call my
Burn some incense
Lotta evil on my mind, but I got minions
No matter how much money I got, I can't forget shit
I done did shit, I can't forget shit
I gotta live wit it forever, I gotta live wit it forever
I'm countin' all these birds, damn 160
I'm 160, check the shit heavy, I need another brand designer healthy
Forgive me, ain't got forgiveness me, but God, could you forgive me?
So much evil on my mind, there's so much shit i want to say, but I don't want to speak it into existence
You know, you know it existed
Music been done saved my life up that's my wishlist
'Cause I could be the world's youngest sniper, with a hit-list
No, no, no, no, I don't wanna live like that
No, no, no, no, no, I don't wanna get like that
No, no, no, no, no, don't make me get like that
No, no, please don' t no don't let me get like that
Lord please, please, 'cause please turned out to squeeze
I don't wanna squeeze, I don't wanna squeeze, I wanna ride on the beat
Set the bed up in this booth 'cause I don't ever wanna leave
Send my records to the moon and really care about a G
And I already know about you niggas
Y'all just wanna drink up all my liquor
I already know about you thotties, ya'll just wanna have a good time
You ain't even gotta tell me I know somethin' on your mind
You ain't even gotta tell me I heard it through the grape vine
For you niggas and you bitches - I ain't fuckin' with your vibe
I already know that you be lyin'
Girl you suck that dick so good, so fine
I already know that you ain't mine
Uh yeah, I ain't fuckin' with your kind
And you ain't gotta bring the beat back, b-b-but this how Imma finish this shit up
Why I'm the one who ridin' with a pistol
Why the fuck I'm totin' pistol
Why the fuck I'm ridin' with a pistol
You don't give a fuck about this shit huh? Yeah
You ain't ready to die about this shit, huh?
Its Sniper Gang, this shit ain't music this how I live, huh
I don't give a fuck, nigga, I'mma die about this shit
You don't feel the same way how I feel, huh?
You ain't ready to die ain't ready to kill, huh?

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