O-shen – Deeper Look lyrics

They can’t take away all my childhood memories,
Can’t take away all my different color family,
Can’t take away all the culture it’s a part of me, it’s a part of me, yeah.

I no deal with nationality, just personality, everybody’s mixed, that’s reality.
I no deal no fasciality, down with supremacy, open up the people eye make them a see, that you can’t judge a man like me, like a cover on a book, unless you take a deeper look.

Consciousness, yet it burns inside, like a fire in the night, see it far and wide.
Ignorance across the hills and seas.
You can find it in the freeze and in the palm trees.
Everywhere across the world internationally.
Stereotyping and dividing, what a folly.
Jolly is a man finding bliss in never knowing.
Unity’s a flower, got to keep on growing.

Where did I see all the inequality, I seen it everyday in the penitentiary,
Where did I see some inequality, yes I said seen it in the penitentiary.
Three long years while the sun stay setting.
Faced my fears and there’s no more regretting.
Babylon a try fi mek a racial category.
You from where you from and what is your life story.

Language: Niugini Pidgin
Kainkain kala barata bilo yumi.
Kainkain kala susa bilo yumi.
Kainkain kala poroman i stap nabaut, olsem na mi tokaut.
Mi no bisi long o lain i save kusai, mi kisim ol gutpela save bilo Rastafari.
Ol gutpela man mi lukim bai mi sekan,
tasol mi tanim het na givim baksait long ol konman.
Mi no bisi long ol Nogutman,
mi no bisi long ol bikhet man,
mi no save bisi long konman,
na ol geligeli tu mi no bisi, mi no bisi.
Translation: Many different colors of brothers and sisters,
Friends of all races, I don’t bother with backstabbers,
I receive inspiration through rastafari.
I will always shake a good man’s hand but give my back to a conman.
I don’t bother with obnoxious people. I don’t bother with evil people, and I don’t bother with girlie boys.

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