O-shen – Maoli Girl lyrics

Language: Kanaka maoli from hawaii
Holo e ke kahakai
E me ku’u ipo
E nana I ma hoku
I ka lanI po
E noho I luna te one
Ho’olohe kani nalu
He ‘ahi welawela wale
I loko i tou mata
Translation: Go to the beach with my lover
Look at the stars in the night sky
Sit on top the sand listening to the waves
The fire is very hot inside her eyes

Cruzin on the beach its me and my old lady
The one and only lovely girl Hawaiian baby
Pacific island queen when she arrives on the scene
Yes I met her back a couple years when she was a teen
Yes she knew just what she wanted and she knew just how to get it
The way she smile lighted up the room I can’t forget it
And now she’s by side I don’t what I’d do without her
I just enjoy the moment loving all the things about her

She’s just a Hawaiian girl dancin under the moon
She’s wearing slippas and lavalava loving my tune
She’s gotta flower in da ear and a shaka in the air
Away when the wind comes blowing her hair
Beauty like you never seen it
Only in Hawaii ne
Lady love you yes I mean it
And I’ll never go away
Can we spend the night together
Sitting by the sea
Maoli girl it’s just you and me

Me nah I love them girls dem just a fensi ina di city
The island type of woman natural and looking pretty
And I wanna to spend time together with this princess
Arm in arm hand in hand, your sweetness is my weakness

Language: Niugini Pidgin
Turupula toromeri hau bai mi lusim yu
Turupula toromeri ya mi daidai lo yu
Suruk I suruk I kam I kaloftu rarapela nemeri bai no inap lo yu

Faithful lover girl how could I leave you
I love you. Come close to me other women
Can’t compare to you.

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