Out Of Eden – It's You lyrics

Album: Love, Peace & Happiness

God, I've got some things I need to say
Can't believe I've carried on this way
Thought that I could make it on my own
Now it's time for me to come back home
I was acting different, you always stayed the same
You know what it was, I got caught up in the game
Trying to build up my fortune and consume my fame
But the one thing I forgot
It was You

(It's You) Who's the one I call on, Lord
(It's You) Catch me when I fall, my God
(It's You) Been through lots of things, but I know
(It's true) Can't nobody love me like You do
(You) Picked me off the ground
(You) Turned my life around
(You) Once lost, now I am found
(You) Gave me ups from downs
(You) Reason why I sing
(You) You're my everything
It's true, it's You

There's something else I've got to bring to light
Sometime we only call when things ain't right
You say you're looking for a place to lay your head
For Your spirit to rest
I want to be Your friend, give me all to You
Can't have nothing less
You say I am Your friend
If I do what You command
So guide me, Lord, I pray
And please let me hold Your hand
As I walk this journey, now that I understand
That the one thing I am needing is You

God, I've got to seek You out (every day)
Show me what Your life is all about (show the way)
Your spirit I can't live without
Cause the one thing I'd be missing is You

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