Out Of Eden – I Know Whom I Have Believed lyrics

Album: Hymns

I know not how God's wondrous grace to me He has made known
Nor how unworthy Christ redeemed me for His own
I don't kow how His saving grace to me He did impart
Nor how believing Him brought peace within my heart
Don't know everything, but one thing I know for sure
Whatere is my sickness, Jesus is the cure

Cause I know whom I have believed
And I am confident that He is able to keep
All I've committed to Him until that day, that day, that day

I know not how the spirit moves, convincing men of sin
RevealingJesus through the Word, creating faith in Him
I don't know when my Lord will come, at night or noonday fair
Or if we'll walkthe valley or I'll meet him in the air
Don't know everything, but one thing I know is true
That's if my Lord can save me, He'll do the same for you


And if somebody asks me, I've got to give them a reason
How He has been there for me through every time and season
How He rescued me and called me by my name
Gave His life for me, though death removed my shame
Now I'm set apart and soon will see His face
I am comfident in His amazing grace


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