The Game – F.U.N. lyrics

Album: Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf

All I do is get drunk and high
I be fucking nigga's bitches and they be mad as fuck
I be like

Man fuck you niggas
I rob you niggas
I kill you niggas
Cause I don't feel you niggas
I said fuck you niggas
I rob you niggas
Don't make me kill you niggas
No I don't feel you niggas
Man fuck you niggas
[Verse 1]
I told niggas in '05 I don't fuck with Maybachs
You wanna hate up, come outside, just fuckin' say that
Two things I learned, nigga gotta stayed strapped
And niggas ain't goin' down without a Dr. Dre track
Black boy fly, niggas watch me grew
Niggas studies my beefs and couldn't stomp my flow
(Cause I'm dangerous)
Niggas think they fucking with me
(Stop smoking angel dust)
Niggas think they smoking on this chronic
(The same as us)
Come within (range of us)
Bullets (your brains are bust)
Ministers get shot, two of these niggas (came to us)
You broke your rent doing your bitch want me
I'm off this OG kush and you the lil' homie
Nigga wanna borrow some weed, I got a lil' homie
Watch how I'm driving, can't let the double cup spill on me
Same block and stop snitchin', mother fuckers still on me
G-Unit had a reunion


[Verse 2]
That's on Compton, you looked in the closet with a monster
I eat you alive (man fuck you niggas)
It feel like Tommy Hilfiger, fuck niggas I say it again
(Man fuck you niggas)
I feel like Remy Ma when she got out of the jail
Look back at the prison like (man fuck you niggas)
And this time I'm going for the gusto
R.I.P. Justo, will I fall off? Fuck no
California mind nigga, pull it like a truck boat
These crips, these bloods, these esés, they playin' cut throat
You a fish out of water, every MC gets slaughtered
If you ain't Nas, Eminem or fuckin' S dot Carter
I tie up your wife, pull out my dick jack it off, kiss the knife
Before I cut her, take my jacket off, fuck her then hit the lights
Rub it in there like Detroit streets, with pictures of me
Fuck her till cops come, then I'm bustin' like

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