The Game – Sherm Stick (Magic Stick 2) lyrics

Album: You Know What It Is, Vol. 1

[Hook: Game]
I got the sherm stick
You know once you hit once
You gone wanna hit twice
It'll fuck you up and shit
Have you feeling like you walking on ice
I get ya Marlboro dipped
(What, What)
Ya Newport dipped
I get ya Camel dipped
[Verse 1: Game]
Walk with me through the ghost town
Compton, Cali-forn-ia
Where it goes down
A bunch of Pookies
A bunch of Richard Pryor's
Game give em' the holy ghost
Without no choir
He don't serve em' less he pat em' for wires
He knows to many niggas with priors
Get em' wet like 2 fingers
I ain't lying
If it dry up
Back to the Maytag with fire
If he dyin'
I'm in the Maybach supplyin'
He get rock from David
Like he Goliath
So open your ghetto bible
Fiends in the cemetery lookin for thriller
Just call me the ghetto Micheal
I got gallons
But we don't discuss prices
Red top
Blue top
Pink ones for different clients
You ever seen heron fiends
In the field chargin the Game
Like Naytron Means
On the hood of a cop car
Quick to say I'm clean
Freaks come out at night
But ain't shit on daytime fiends
Know mean
I stretch on the block like Yao Ming
Doc, I got a problem
I can't turn down fiends


[Verse 2: Game]
I'm a drug dealer
What the fuck could I say
I can't stop selling PCP
Out the CLK
If it's a drought
I be okay
Run the rock in Buffalo
I be OJ
It ain't no limit
Thats why the fiends on me mane
One hit'll make you feel like you could lift an army tank
You know me
The kid who sold yayo by the bank
Now I'm getting off 50's like Yayo and Banks
And it's back to the hood again
Red riding hood again
Hopping over project fences with the goods again
Running through alleys
Scuffing my Air Forces
Choppin karats
While sending my demo in to The Source
Standin at news stands
Drug dealing
Reading XXL
Desert Eagle under the XXL
But now it's back to the drive-bys
And air in the rifle
Cause niggas singing in the hood like American Idol

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