The Game – State Your Name, Gangsta lyrics

Album: Westside Story: The Compton Chronicles

[Swizz Beatz (Game)]
State your name, gangsta (The Game)
Where you from, nigga? (Westcoast)
You gon' hold it down? (Like we always do around this time)
Enough said, nigga!

[Game verse]
I ain't leavin' mothafucka I'm back
You been away too long, I can't do nothin' 'bout that
The 'hood askin' me "why do Bleek a tragedy?"
And drive over Brooklyn bridge with Cassidy
I drove down Flushing, in the Rove down Flushing
The 'hood show me love like I was Hov down Flushing
Compton's most with the Yonkers flow
And I got love for Queens and the Bronx, fo' sho'
Got Swizz blowin' that Cali dro, mo' fucka
And I get off shots like Alimoe at the Rucker
Yeah, the bird flipper in Houston with the syrup sipper
I'm nice around mics, word to Pippen
Got a mean knuckle game, I learned my dippin'
In '87 when Tommy Hearns was stickin'
I hear niggas dissin', why you have to use Jay
Let that man retire mothafucka it's a new day
[Swizz Beatz (Lil Flip)]
State your name, gangsta (Lil Flippa)
Where you representin'? (Houston)
You gon' hold it down? (You damn right)
Enough said nigga!

[Lil Flip verse]
I'll take you back to the block, them automatics are cocked
Try to snatch my watch, your dumb ass gettin' shot
I got the block on lock and when the shit get hot
I'ma switch up spots, oh boy
I'm breakin' bread with my homies, I'm bustin' lead at you phonies
Fuck your bitch when she lonely that's every other night
I'll flip your wife with a dream, they call me Hustle Man
Nigga my money too big for a rubba band
I'm a veteran, givin' fiends they medicine
I'm in Compton with Game bumpin' "Let Me In"
My nigga Will in the pen, he 'bout to come home
Hey tell these niggas I made a million off a ringtone
I got a Spring home down in Tampa Bay
I was raised off of Scarface and UGK
Now it's my turn, I want that Puff money
Matter fact, that ain't even enough money

[Swizz Beatz (Cassidy)]
State your name, gangsta (Cassidy, nigga)
Where you representin'? (Philly, Pistolvania)
You gon' hold it down? (You already know)
Enough said, nigga!

[Cassidy verse]
The streets wave ahead Cass cause they know the industry fear Cass
I got these chicks cryin' like tear gas
Used to sell dirt weed, couldn't even put it in clear bags
But years passed, now my thugs puffin' like air bags
You might see me out in Houston, on Flip' block
With a sick watch, in an old school drop with a ripped top
Forget it, I got shit locked, nigga my shit hot
I'm the best that did it since Big Pop
Out in the west coast with Game I let the toaster bang
Or cut you more times than the cards in a poker game
Cause most you lames wanna solve my battle with Free
All y'all wanna battle for free
See if you ain't got millions to bet or put your deal on the desk
You ain't real and I don't feel you a threat
So I suggest you get off my dick and go vote or somethin'
Before you get the sawed off and tossed off a boat or somethin'

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