Young Thug – In Dis Bitch lyrics

Album: I Came from Nothing

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Snake ass niggas got me ridin' with my garden tool
I'm a martian dude, lil monkey dude
Even if you were a couple million, they wouldn't sponsor you
If a thug number two, they prolly under you
Young Thug in this bitch
So, go get over here and show some love in this bitch
And I'm so about this, go ahead and rub on this bitch
And we might just end up making love in this bitch
Money coming home to me
Baby girl, this is where it post to be
You callin' me a dog because my pedigree
What you about, everything and you made my food
So what that makes you?
You runnin' round fuckin' like you a dude
You try and tell me that I'm boyfriend number two
But I don't wanna be your boyfriend number two
I want the one spot and for that I'll murk dudes
But now I irk you, where the fuck that come from?
Plus when you with your friends, you be callin' me bums
I had to tell you ma, you know I like her son
You callin' it (?)
I love when we fight then fuck each other
Try to bluff each other, we try to cuff each other
But there were still others that we call lovers
That fuckboy was named Danny like Glover
You probably gave him head, that's why I never ever kissed you
You gone 10 minutes and I already missed you
That nigga dissed you, I never dissed you
I would've kissed you, that nigga bit you
With teeth pistol, or a tooth chopper
And I was your doctor, call me doctor Thug
I kept clean shoes on your feet like I used scrubs
I had niggas lookin' at me like (?)
I had them heels hot like they was made inside of mugs
That pussy stay wet like an ocean tub
Can't forget them days baby
When that guy hit you, came over to face me
Fifty guns, you were the navy
If I were actin' all lazy
I can't forget them times baby
But now it's time baby
I got me a new ho and she's fine like wine
I call her prison clock cause she has no time
To even play by anything
She like baby lets go get the ring
Matchin' tats that say prince and queen
And if them niggas play you better, spray they heads like oil sheen
So therefore I gotta spray your head like oil sheen

[Interlude: Young Thug]
Oh for a minute, oh text me
My ho just text me, I mean your ho just text me
Cool, she like okay cool
She like okay cool, yea

[Verse 2: Kumtie]
Kum in this clique
My bitch down, I'm a nerd
I had to call abortion team
She was really gettin' on my nerves
These boys thought I wasn't gonna do this shit
Shout out my nigga P-O-G and shit
Thug in this bitch
I'm doin' my thing in this bitch
For all these hoes I'm somethin' like a porn star
I'm doin' this shit

[Outro: Young Thug]
Kum and Thug in this bitch
So get over here, show some love in this bitch
I'm So about to go ahead and Rub on this bitch
And we might just End up making love in this bitch

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