Young Thug – Zan Man lyrics

Album: I Came from Nothing

It's Young Thug bitch
(ROC Crew forever)
My world
(We went from cheese to cheddar)
Try not to get putted out

[Verse 1]
Hop out the G4, now I'm back to the basics
I thank God that I am not racist
Shout out to Wayne cause he is not basic
He got me on my turtle time, no Matrix
And I promise I'll ball, no patriot
And I'll be at the finish line, slick waiting
Which is at the tip top, big Akron
But if I fall off I'll die, so I'm pacin'
And I've been in and out the bank bitch
While ya'll assholes been in and out a tank bitch
I think I'm on my Wayne cake shit
But we smoke the same weed, the Wayne stank shit
And I'm the top tire, no innertube
And I'll eat till you're sour, like lemon food
Cause I'm the motherfuckin' boss and you're a middle dude
And you're just like the bricks, we get rid of you
And I should make a pledge of allegiance
Cause these niggas small, they ain't in my region
I stay away from ya'll when you niggas this bleedin'
Cause I don't know if you know me like I'm takin' the pleadin'
We in the buildin', the niggas that are outback
I throw the children at your bitch and she caught that
And I'm the boss so, yea I Marshall Faulk that (I run it)
And my partner on my falkjack
I'm at the top, no lie
And I be in the motherfuckin' sky, don't fly
And if I can't stay around ya, I'mma run right through ya
But if you get right bitch, I might new, new ya

Yea, it's Thug, I have prison bars (Do the math)
Concrete jungle and shit
We been havin' this shit man
Long, long time ago, I promise you

[Verse 2]
Money on your head, now you need a paper proof roof
Niggas at me, man I need a bulletproof booth
And what ya'll call goons, we call goof troops
And them hoes we smashin', ya'll call 'em new, new
Ridin' with the 50 cal, old man protected
How the song got Universal still neglectin'?
Oops I mean select me
Skooly didn’t forget me
I fuck with Juugman shit, respect he get plenty
And I be with my dogs like a hunter
We be blowin' racks while they starvin' out for hunger
And they say I look good, but I'm mean, sexy monster
They wanna make me mad but Ty told me to stay humble
And they ask me why I still respect Jimfro
Cause he the motherfucker that made me, is you crazy?
And he asked me why I had two babies
Cause I ain't lettin' a fuck nigga clone me, is you crazy?
But if a nigga play with them babies
He gone need the motherfuckin' army and the navy
Cause the ROC crew move by the babies
And we got a 1000 guns in Haiti
And Skooly hopped out the Porsche
And I be ridin' round lurkin', me and your dad
Or should I be sayin' the zan man kids?
Cause we be high like the school at Harvard of Spanish, ya dig?

Thank God that I am not basic...

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