Capital STEEZ – Back On My 47 Shit* lyrics

Album: King Capital

[Verse 1: Dirty Sanchez: Possibly his verse]
The room smell like buddah so light up some incense
And I’m worried about my future ‘cause my past was intense
Now a guys careers buzzing, cuz they think he’s insects
Pair of mid class bitches, have em cummin in sex
But they ours, sweet dreams, smoking sours, picking white
Bitches like flowers, gave Kelly a golden shower
With an R I'm over your head like I’m on to the next
These bitches is fucking me over and over again

[Verse 2: Capital STEEZ]
-Over again
My homie thought that I was getting lazy
So tell em' to pay me
Cause my eyes been low since eleventh grade
Hella faded, went through plenty grains and different hazes that I would stick up blazing
But Miss Mary Jane is still my favourite
Back on my 47 shit

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