Capital STEEZ – Capital STEEZ lyrics

Album: AmeriKKKan Korruption: Reloaded

[Verse: Capital STEEZ]
S is for the stamina, T is for the talent
And then two E so you don't forget the name Excalibur
Z's the Zip Zinger board that I'm passing you on
You still hoping that I pass the baton
But, I hope you got your cameras on
Plus ain't no passenger surviving when the damage is done
All you cats can fine your damages I'm smashin' the song
Plus your shit is outdated like the calendar's wrong, boy
So fall back, it's all caps, record that
Or you can get your jaw cracked and stomped like floor mats
Plus we're right outside your crib, doormats
With two niggas holding on the back, bra strap
Plus they got the big bangers call it bra strap
And leave your melon leaking like breastfeeding
She said she tempted but she won't let me caress the cleavage
It's the Khan bitch, why you need a better reason?
Class clown, found it funny to correct my teachers
I stand proud, but I never said my pledge allegiance
I'm a veteran, flowing way colder than the seven seas
Of course you be subjected to these heavy breezes
Or check the tag miss, straight STEEZ varsity jacket
Setting me apart from the average
Cause I'm a motherfucking star, asterisk
Fuck friends, I'm in it for the dollars like mavericks
Get paid, get queued, get away
Dashin, take 14th to Manhattan
Skip fashion, I'm still a chick magnet
For women with assets that's thicker than they accents
She say she got her man on a leash
Wear the pants in the relationship with panties beneath
So I proceed to ask if she can stand on her knees
You already know my capital, Capital STEEZ
[Outro: Capital STEEZ]
No, that was too much man
There's some fucking clichés man
Why can't I be just like the other rappers and just fucking rap?
Why I always got to like overdo this shit man?

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