Capital STEEZ – Cab Fare lyrics

Album: AmeriKKKan Korruption: Reloaded

[Produced by Bruce LeeKix]

[Verse 1: Capital STEEZ]
Locked down, got the game in shackles
This some new shit from the same old asshole
The cash flow with the track though
Son had to step it up just to raise the stat quo
I'm tellin' 'em I might go bonkers
If my mind ponders from hydroponics, two words: psycho, pompous
But the world doesn't know what a psychopomp is
They still can't explain why birds fly
I can tell when words lie to my third eye
Tryin' to get rich off a single then you blinded
Dumb niggas so one track minded
I tried to be a nice guy
But stars only come alive in the night sky
Fuck a limelight, I already shine bright
And we all wanna piece of the pie, right?
But I'm just tryin' to better my team while gettin' some green
It's the American dream
But this is America, not a miracle
So it can't be as good as it seems
I lost all hope in civil service
I ain't even end up on this mic on purpose
The ringleader of the nitro circus
The real freak-show, so at night you'll surface
[Verse 2: CJ Fly]
Either they tell him he's really cool or they ridicule
Silly fools
The pros been dreaming big since middle school
Killin' 'em all not because it's our job
But just to feel involved
Break these bricks down 'til the ceilin' fall
Fuck that, we gon' raise the roof
Choppin' trees and clippin' bud, it's in our roots
Tell you the truth I'm tryin' to feel in the glutes
Know that I ain't playin' when I tell you give me the loot
I been big pimpin' ever since an infant
You're a sistren, so I ain't advocating incest
Gave her some now she can't get enough
I know it's sucks, baby you know you want me like a sippy cup
Pops used to pick me up in his pickup truck
I got one shot so I'mma hit it like a sittin' duck
The reload, I just want you to be loved
Just know I'm tryin' to hit it like C-notes
So take a cab to our crib, but know I ain't payin' for your shit
You better see if you could get a lift
Girl I'm throwin' game at you if you catch my drift
And if I pick you up then miss
You don't give me no ass, better pitch in on gas
And maybe you can crash at my crib
We could fuck then act like it was an accident

[Verse 3: Chuck Strangers]
They say Chuck a stranger, how man, everybody know me
We tryin' to get paid, me and all of my homies
So we devised a plan to get these grams
Hoppin' out, guns out, face painted, on some dead president shit
Growin' up that was my favorite flick
Taught me to keep my black ass out the white man's army and shit
Nowadays we spend money on Jays
Quarter bags of haze and fine light-skinned honeys that blaze
Wakin' up, the sun's grazing my face
No more standing in place, gotta keep this shit movin'
If you brick, dog, keep shootin', you gon' get it all net
And if you don't then stay out, man, 'til that sun set
Two seven's what I'm reppin', fresh Jordan's what I step in
She said, ask a question, I'm that nigga she be neckin'
J is too fuckin' dope, never fuckin' come in second, she said
"Wait a second," I said, "Time is money and money is time"
Unless your head game dope, then sweetie you wastin' both
Shout out to niggas that I used to chill with
Man I miss my dogs on some Michael Vick shit
Letters on your door, bitch niggas get evicted
My down chick rollin' swishas
These ain't raps, nigga, they motion pictures

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