Haystak – Brother Like Me lyrics


( Verse 1 )
I don't even know what you saw in me
Could have had a man with a law degree
A house on the hill is where you oughta be
Spendin money like you just hit the lottery
On vacation in the Florida Keys
By now you could have had a family
Instead you ridin around smokin trees
Droppin off D in the sedan with me
Is it what you thought it would be
Did you think I'd change
It's like losin your love when everyday I put you through so much pain
But you stuck with me, you stayed with me, seducin me with your smile
I've been so on you from the get go girl, addicted to your style
From on top to On Trial been with me a while
A million steps, a thousand miles, too late to stop now, I'll
Never be through repayin you for everything you've done
Put that on my million reasons why you my number one

I was dressed to impress
I had on 200 dollar cologne
She don't know when I'll be home
But she knows how long I've been gone
When I walked in the house
She was waiting on the couch (wsup baby?)
I know I'm gonna hafta hear her mouth
But thank you for the sticky (thank you)

( Chorus )
With a brother like me (brother like me)
a brother like me (brother like me)
a brother like me (brother like me)
a brother like me (brother like me)

( Verse 2 )
Ha ha, I was buyin new tennis shoes
and gold rings to platinum links and pearls
You my boo and for you, I'd do anything for you in this world girl
I ain't much on expressin my feelins
So let me just slip on that sexual healin
And while we just sittin here cheifin and chillin
You ever thought about bein Mrs. Mak Million
A house full of children, you followin me
You ever need anything holla at me
All of my time, all of my cheese, you be on my mind like a college degree
I be honest with you, you be honest with me
I wrote this watchin you sleep, how deep is that girl, you tell me

From the first time we made eye contact, we had crazy chemistry
From my tattoos to my stab wounds she's diggin on every inch of me
Recently, I ain't been no good at all
If you see me, all I wanna do is ball
If you need me, all you got to do is call
This is for all those triflin no good dogs like me

( Chorus ) Repeat 1x

A brother like me make bad decisions regret them later on
A brother like me smoke them trees and run them streets til the break of dawn
A brother like me be on the grind a woman like you be on the mind
I'm tryin to past the time, we can drink some wine, make a lil love (ha ha)
A brother like me be handlin business, you cannot be callin me every three minutes
If you love me, just trust me, you know that I'm fully comitted
Cuz a brother like me will make it better
A brother like me gonna keep it wetter
It ain't gonna be like this forever, just work with me boo

If you leave me it won't be easy but I'll adapt eventually
Just remember what I taught you and never be anyone's bitch baby
A brother like me gave all I had but I guess it wasn't enough
Don't let me see you with no buster cuz when I do I'm fuckin him up

( Chorus ) Repeat 1x

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