Out Of Eden – Soldiers lyrics

Album: Love, Peace & Happiness

(I just got one question:Where my soldiers at?)
V1:(I see you watchin' me.) Yeah ya know I'm on it.
(See how I'm livin') You know I'm too strong. (All they throw at me)
I'm not fallin' for it. (They think I'm alone)They got it all wrong.
PC:Everybody on the left, and everybody on the right, who's not scared to testify.
(Willing to testify)Gotta let the world know it, that ya not afraid to show it, if ya not
afraid to show it let me hear ya tonight. (Cmon!)
Chorus:All my people in the place, ya lookin' good with style n grace, but here's my
question listen clear:Where my soldiers? (RIGHT HERE!!) Say hey...(HEY!!). If you know
you keep it tight say hey!.......(HEY!!) Where my soldiers at? (RIGHT HERE!!)
V2:(World's watchin' you)Whatcha gonna do now?(Will you make a move?)Will ya show and
prove?(You know that ya do)Gotta represent!(The life that we've been given, the reason why
we're livin' so....
PC, Chorus1X
Well you know..there's a reason..(there's a reason)..we're here to..(here to change)...to change the
world, and you know I belive it....(I believe it)...we can do it, but it's up to you. The request of The Maker
of the ocean and the sky so blue is to call up some soldiers...so if you're not afraid to take a stand then
let me see you raise you hands!!!
Chorus 3X

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