Out Of Eden – Then And Only Then lyrics

Album: More Than You Know

Verse 1
We search for outside conclusions, to questions we have inside
We search for logical solutions to problems we cannot hide
We hope and pray, the curse of war will be undone, that the world will be as one
But we can't change it on our own, it takes more

Then and only then, can we live, in perfect harmony
only if and when we sacrifice,our comfort for the least of these
get together down on our knees
and pray God give us peace, then and only then

We need to stop looking at ourselves, and look to the one who knows all
he has the answers that can rebulid us, a foundation that will not fall
we hope and pray, the curse of hate will be no more
but it may be different
at least we knoe what the power of prayer is for, let's unite


We know its gonna take time to get it together
to follow it through but if we try, a little bit harder
just think what we could do, if we only knew

Chorus 2x

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