Ozomatli – Chota (Loosely Translated) lyrics

Be careful, here comes the badge, the cops
Be careful, here they come, cover your face

The rights of my human existence were violated
By another human being
Some policemen took advantage of
The authority that people gave them

We were trained to take a man without violating his rights
They took an unfair advantage of their authority
They beat a man without taking any pity
We the people
Who gave you authority
In the same manner, can take it away

That happened the way I saw it, that’s what I told you, it happened like that.

He caught a nightstick lick to the brain piece
It’s a new day but it’s the same beast
Hopin’ that the pain cease
He hopin that your brains leak on the concrete from his heat or from his feet
Is he supposed to maintain peace or is it beef
Like a t-bone steak they like to see bones break
The way they cuff you, the way they hobble through laws, with his foot in your back screamin probable cause
Not only do flaws occur when you serve and protect, you swerve and project
Bullets /That don’t deserve to connect
To bystanders and perpetrators of a lesser crime
Evil that you shine will never stand the test of time

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